Message from Jackie Herbst

Thank you for visiting the Project Linear Acceleration fundraising page. This event is near and dear to my heart. I want to express my appreciation for your support, and tell you why this race is so important to me, and my husband Mark.
I was first diagnosed with squamous cancer in 2014. The large tumour that had grown in my bowel measured over 10 cm x 8 cm. I began over 30 radiation treatments, with two rounds of chemotherapy, hoping for a cure. Unfortunately, two years later I found myself with new symptoms due to a recurrence. This time, the same cancer was associated with my uterus.

Due to the extensive scar tissue that resulted from my radiation treatment, it was difficult to clearly differentiate between what was tumour and what was scar tissue, so everything that had previously been radiated, plus a bit more to ensure a good margin around the cancer, had to be removed.

That surgery, due to its complexity, took place in February of 2017 in Toronto.  With almost four weeks of hospital stay in Toronto, I have come to realize firsthand how lucky we are to have state of the art treatment options located in our own region at RVH. Through my experience I have learned that the healthcare we receive at home in our own region is second-to-none.
Unfortunately, this is not the end of my cancer journey. Through routine imaging follow-up this past fall, a cancerous lymph node in my chest was discovered. Due to the much smaller size of this affected area, we were able treat it with high dose, pinpointed radiation in attempt to rid me of the cancer once and for all.
Through my personal journey, with two very different rounds of radiation, I know that the addition of a new Linear Accelerator at RVH will help to ensure that those who require extreme precision radiation treatments, have access to that at RVH. The proceeds from our Race will support additional tools, technologies and space needed to maximize the use of the new Linear Accelerator. 
Much like my cancer journey, the Race Across America (RAAM) is a journey of persistence and focused dedication. Mark and Paul are training a great number of hours each week for this event.  On June 15, they, along with their entire support crew, will race 4800 km non-stop from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland as quickly and efficiently as possible. They'll do so in support of the RVH Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre, which has taken such great care of me since my first diagnosis.

I want to personally thank everyone contributing to this fundraiser. With the addition of state-of-the-art technologies like a new Linear Accelerator and the necessary technologies and tools, I'm confident that myself as well as many other local residents, will have access to the best possible care.

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