“Learn how to cook—try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and, above all, have fun!” ~ Julia Child

The next time you step into the kitchen, why not cook for the cause with the “Ultimate Recipe Collection” to support patient care at RVH.
This collection of recipes has been compiled by team RVH member and IOOF Recreation Therapist Katie Clemmens. This cookbook has been lovingly compiled by Katie her fellow staff patients and family, and includes family-friendly recipes like the fresh and delicious ‘Halifax Berry & Spinach Salad’ or the ‘Apple Stuffed Pork Chops’ that will be sure to delight, nourish and comfort.

For a minimum $10 donation in support of the IOOF Recreation Therapy Program, you will receive an electronic copy of this “Ultimate Recipe Collection” delivered to your inbox.
The purpose of Recreation Therapy is to empower all individuals to achieve the highest quality of life and optimal health by participating in recreation and leisure. Part of what Rec. Therapists’ do at RVH is asses all patients by recognizing both past and present leisure experiences and interests; they then provide creative, person centered programs to enhance those leisure’s experiences while maintaining quality of life, all while having fun!
This past year has looked a little different with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Recreation Therapy program has had to think outside of the box. This has meant more virtual and technological undertakings.
With your donation you will greatly support many recreation initiatives and patient care. Please use the form below to make your donation, and thank you for your support of patient care at RVH.

Please Note: If you are experiencing issues with the donation form, it works best if opened in Google Chrome. If you experience any issues with the online donation form, please contact Ryan McLeod, Fundraising Events Assistant with the RVH Foundation at (249) 535-2224 or via email at mcleodr@rvh.on.ca.