Memorial Giving

Thank you for considering a gift to support Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in honour of your friend or loved one.  

The death of a friend or family member can be a difficult time emotionally, and we want to assure you that our team is committed to ensuring that your gifts are used to support the area of care that would most honour the memory of this special person. Memorial gifts are a meaningful way to honour the passing of a loved one. These gifts help to advance health care services for the patients and families of our region, while at the same time, helping to create a legacy for our friends and family that have passed away.

We want to assure you that our team is committed to helping you honour your loved one in a way that meets your expectations. Gifts are always used to support the area of patient care that a donor has requested. 

Ways to Give

Our team is committed to ensuring that your giving experience is as easy and convenient as possible. There are a number of ways that memorial donations can be made: 

  • Donations may be made online using credit card, direct debit or PayPal by visiting and clicking the "Donate Now" button at the top of the page. Once you reach the donation page, you will see an option to "Dedicate your donation" mid way down the donation form. 
  • Donations may be made in person by visiting the RVH Foundation office located just inside the RVH Main Entrance at 201 Georgian Drive, Barrie. Cash, Cheque, Credit Card and Debit are accepted 
  • Donations may be made by credit card over the phone by calling 705.739.5600
  • Donations may be made at a local funeral home. Please note that donations made at funeral homes may experience a delay in processing, due to the need for these gifts to be transferred to the RVH Foundation prior to gift processing. 

Hosting a Celebration of Life

The RVH Foundation is pleased to provide you with memorial donation cards for your Celebration of Life event. These donation cards each come with a postage paid envelope, making the process easy for your friends and loved ones to honour this special person. Call our Foundation to request memorial donation cards at 705.728.9090 ext. 41520

Notifying the Family 

Most families want to know who has made a gift in honour of their loved one. This allows a family the opportunity to thank those donors that have helped to create a legacy through their giving. 

Our team is happy to share the names and mailing addresses of memorial donors with a family, however we never share the amount of the gift that has been made. The ability to give a gift is different with each person, and we respect that all gifts made to honour someone's memory are special. 

If you would prefer that your name and mailing address not be shared with a family, please mark your gift as anonymous at the time of giving. 

Gift Designation

Many families request that memorial gifts be designated to a specific area of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre. The family may have a special connection to a specific area of health care, received care from a specific program, or a family may recognize a specific need a want to help. If gifts are undesignated, our team will ensure that your loved one is honoured by designating the gift to the Area of Greatest Need. Some areas that a family might wish to consider include: 

  • Hearts and Minds Campaign
  • Advanced Cardiac Care
  • Child and Youth Mental Health
  • Compassionate Care Fund
  • Dialysis
  • Emergency Department
  • Equipment & Technology 
  • Teaching and Research
  • Mental Health & Addictions
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Paediatrics
  • Rotary Lodge
  • Volunteer Services
  • Surgical Services
  • Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre

For more information or if you have any questions please contact Development Assistant, Jennifer Harris by phone 705.728.9090 ext. 41520 or by email  

In Memory of...

Gifts were received in memory of the following individuals in 2018


  • Allan Austin
  • Donald Bedford
  • Robin Blandford
  • Elizabeth Chambers
  • Erika Cole
  • Hayley Collins
  • Yvette Cote
  • Ruth Crowe
  • Mitch Dawkins
  • Sheumus Fay
  • Stephen Gray
  • Wayne Hayball
  • Rose Holmes
  • Jane Ingram
  • Dr. David Johns
  • Stan Lawrence
  • J. Michael Leicester
  • Ernie Miller
  • Donald Moffatt
  • Clarence Morris
  • Gordon Petch
  • Stephen Schmidt
  • Isabel Shepard
  • Stuart Ron Smith
  • Michael St. John


  • Allan Austin
  • Gordon Barnes
  • Donald Bedford
  • John Benyik Sr.
  • Urszula Beyea
  • Elizabeth Chambers
  • Erika Cole
  • Andras (Andy) Elekes
  • Pentti Glan
  • Lynn Gratrix
  • Addison Guccino
  • Harry Harasymiw
  • Brian Hare
  • Wayne Hayball
  • Renate Hofmeister
  • Jane Ingram
  • Dr. David Johns
  • Joyce Johns
  • Bruce Kneeshaw
  • Angela Leo
  • Audrey MacMillan
  • Cheryl McDaid
  • Clara McHugh
  • William McNabb
  • Sharlene McRobb
  • Ernie W. Miller
  • Eugene Moreau
  • Clarence Morris
  • Pete Panagabko
  • Gordon Petch
  • Lisa Piellusch
  • Michael K. Porter
  • David Roberts
  • Stephen Schmidt
  • S. Ronald Smith
  • Michael St. John
  • Michael Taylor
  • Jannie Van Vugt
  • Marion Weishuhn


  • Jane Alfarero
  • Elizabeth Allan
  • Arlene Allinson
  • Heather Barrett
  • John Beardsall
  • John Benyk Sr.
  • Elisabeth Bloom
  • Ann Carletti
  • Evelyn Chomiak
  • Erika Cole
  • Amber Dawe
  • Philip Hendry
  • Renate Hofmeister
  • Kerry Langman
  • Robert McAfee
  • Cheryl McDaid
  • Sharlene McRobb
  • Ernie Miller
  • Donald Moffatt
  • George Oreto
  • Lisa Piellusch
  • Michael Porter
  • Murray Rupert
  • Robert Russell
  • Audra Sabourin
  • Alan Smith
  • John "Jack" Speare
  • Glen Stead
  • Olga Trimper
  • Josephine Weichelt

  • John Alexander
  • Jane Alfarero
  • Donald Allison
  • Florence Binns
  • Donald Bonakoski
  • Marlowe Burnet
  • Louise Clohosey
  • Amber Dawe
  • Leona Dinsmore
  • Gail Douglas
  • Charles Eccles
  • Linda Farrell
  • Paul Fernley
  • Pierre Genereux
  • G. Wayne Hayball
  • George Kirkwood
  • Mary Kurash
  • Mark Leva
  • Billie MacDonald
  • Louise MacNeil
  • Dorothy Manton
  • Joan D. Martin
  • Marjorie McKerroll
  • Emil Novak
  • Maurice O'Neil
  • George Oreto
  • Donna Powell
  • Frank Rinaldi
  • Isabel Shepard
  • Alan Smith
  • Dennis Smith
  • John "Jack" Speare
  • Adam St. Germain
  • Kenneth Steele
  • William Twaddle
  • Michael Whitehurst
  • Beverley Yule


  • Peggy Ainsworth
  • Linda Bailey
  • Stephen Bazuk
  • Nancy Bertram
  • Joan Campling
  • Lisa Marie Coulson
  • Leona Dinsmore
  • Gail Douglas
  • Tyler Faviere
  • Robert Garratt
  • Sybil Gee
  • Pierre Genereux
  • Patricia Goodfellow
  • Anna Green
  • Ellen Handy
  • Koidula Holmberg
  • Calvin Kirby
  • Mary Kurash
  • J. Michael Leicester
  • Vera Leslie
  • Mark Leva
  • Alice Liberman
  • Bob McParland
  • Dr. Maurice O'Neil
  • Kimberly Rausch
  • Shelley Seymour
  • Isabel Shepard
  • Barbara L. Smith
  • Michael Stone
  • Gale Vieveen
  • Jean Walker
  • Connor Warren
  • Michael Whitehurst
Making a Memorial Donation
To make an online memorial donation please click the "Donate Now" button and follow the prompts.

donate now button

To mail a memorial donation please print out the linked form here, and mail to:

RVH Foundation
201 Georgian Drive
Barrie, ON  L4M 6M2

To make a memorial donation in person please visit the RVH Foundation located in the Main Entrance of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.

To make a memorial donation by credit card over the phone please call 705.739.5600