Inspiring care...supporting eachother

The team in Diagnostic Imaging care about each other and they like to have fun. So when one of their colleagues needs cheering up or is off work due to illness the “basket brigade” kicks into high gear.

The team fills a wicker basket with items of comfort such as chocolate, nuts, cookies, and magazines. Then the comedians in the crowd step up to the basket and add some gag gifts which they know will put a smile on their co-worker’s face.

X-ray technologist, Kathy Mitchell, was a recent recipient of one of these baskets. She still smiles when she recalls receiving the gift.

“When I fell and broke my wrist, my colleagues went right to work creating a gift basket that held my favorite things and some gag gifts to lift my spirits. I knew the basket was coming because that’s what our team does every time someone is in need. It’s so great to work with people who really do care about you.”

The team has taken this basket project beyond the walls of RVH, and each year adopt a family at Christmas, delivering a basket bursting at the seams to them.

“The people in our department really get into the spirit.”

Kathy Mitchell
X-ray Technologist

Mandy Kennedy
X-ray Technologist