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Everyday Therese Pedlow and Rebecca Pearson work with people struggling to regain some independence stolen from them by stroke, heart attack, brain injury or disease.

Ruth Watt is one of those people. At the age of 85, a major stroke forced Ruth to undergo a life-changing role reversal from teacher to student. No longer able to speak, read or write, Ruth was required to re-learn the very basics she taught to hundreds of children over the course of her career. Rebecca and Therese were part of the healthcare team who worked with Ruth in RVH’s Day Rehabilitation Program

And Ruth’s determination to improve her quality of life has inspired both of them.

Pedlow, a physiotherapist, is amazed at how engaged and lively Ruth gets when she is in the hospital’s therapy pool.

“Throughout the entire rehab process Ruth has demonstrated strength, perseverance and a desire for life-long learning. It is no easy feat for her to get changed into a bathing suit and get into the pool for her exercises, but she does it happily because she knows it will and has made a difference in her mobility,” says Therese.

Rebecca is equally impressed with Ruth.

“I have never met a patient with such a positive attitude and humble nature,” says Rebecca, a speech language pathologist. “Not only has she made significant gains in function, she has embraced the role of student and as a result has taught me more valuable life lessons than she’ll ever know.”

Pearson Speech Language Pathologist

Therese Pedlow

Ruth Watt
Stroke Survivor