Inspiring care...saving lives

Dave Rogler had never seen an angel until he met RVH Emergency Department RN Terri

And he had never seen a miracle until he saw this ‘angel’ perform CPR on his dying wife.
Dave will never forget the day – it was April 10, 2008. That’s when his wife Diana started to
have intense chest pains. Dave immediately drove his wife to RVH, where he works in the
Materials Management department ensuring the Emergency Department (ED) is well stocked
with supplies.

But today, he wasn’t concerned about supplies, his wife needed immediate attention.
And that’s when Terri Reid swung into action. The seasoned nurse immediately began CPR
on Diana, which is not unusual. What is unusual though, is the length of time the life-saving
technique was performed.

Terri stayed with Diana for 40 minutes, breaking only temporarily to allow for a physician to
check on her. However, each time she stopped or someone else stepped in to relieve her, Diana
seemed to stop responding. That’s when Terri knew she had to keep going and while she did,
Dave stayed close by praying.

After 40 minutes and being defibrillated six times, Diana finally responded well enough for
Terri to have a break. Her job was done and the life of a mother-of-three was saved.

“Her determination and compassion saved my wife’s life,” says Dave.

Dave Rogler
Materials Management

Terri Reid
RN, Emergency Department