Giving the Gift of Hope During the Holidays

When I first met Ed, he was a very sick man. He came to me with a life-threatening blood condition. I knew we had to act quickly if we were going to save Ed’s life.

We tried one therapy, then another, and still another. We kept investigating possible treatments until we found one that worked. Our team at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) never gave up until Ed was stabilized and headed toward recovery. This determination is SO important as we improve access to new tests, new therapies and develop and discover treatments to make lives better.

It’s this patient-focused care and innovation that brought me to RVH. In fact, when I first saw Canada on a map many years ago when I lived in Belarus, I knew it was a country of great opportunity and could bring exciting challenges to my life.  I still have that map and I have never regretted my decision to come to this land and to RVH.

Today, as a specialist in blood cancers and a part of your regional cancer program, I am constantly searching for fresh ways to introduce and implement new scientific research findings including modern testing, therapies and follow-up to achieve better outcomes for my patients. 

Our donors - you, have allowed this hospital to explore new treatments that help people receive the help they need right here in Barrie—thank you! But in medicine, things change very quickly. Equipment is constantly improving and drugs are evolving. We need your help to keep up!

For us doctors, the holidays are much like the other days of the year—our number one concern will always be our patients. We may take a moment to celebrate and reflect, but we’ll still be working hard to safeguard the health of your friends and family. And, every year, we care for more patients, see more visits, more tests and more treatments – and we will be celebrating your gifts that help us keep up with and even get ahead of these needs.

Ed and his wife Betty are so thankful for the compassionate care they received at RVH that they visit the hospital every Christmas to hand out chocolates to the staff. 

It warms my heart to know that the work we are doing can touch a family so deeply.  To me, this is the greatest holiday gift I could think to give. I’m also in awe of the on-going support we receive from generous people all over our beautiful region. It’s a real honour to be part of a dedicated team that includes such loyal donors.

Everyone working at this health centre wants to do the very best they can to help you and your family. By continually striving for better treatments, we offer people the chance to be treated at home instead of having to travel to Toronto. Of course, it takes money to make services available close to home —and that’s why we continue to need your support.

We all have a role to play to ensure that those who mean the most to us are healthy, safe and protected. I want to ensure you, your gifts will directly impact patients – through new lab equipment, treatment equipment and even support of local research that improves patient care.

Please help make the holidays brighter for those facing medical challenges, by sending your donation today. 

With warm wishes,

Dr. Rouslan Kotchetkov

Hematologist-Oncologist, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

Dr. Rouslan Kotchetkov visits with Edward Gattoni, whose life was saved as a result of Dr. Kotchetkov's steadfast determination to find a treatment that worked for Ed. 

Edward and Betty Gattoni visit Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre's Cancer Program to thank the skilled team of professionals that helped to save Ed's life.