"What a wonderful hospital. Staff and volunteers go above and beyond their expectations. Cancer facility is amazing. We are blessed to have RVH in our area." J.&B. 

 "Thank you to hospital staff and a special thanks to Dr. Riordon. We are so grateful. When i needed my operation, everybody was so helpful."

"I sincerely thank God for all the hospital staff of RVH. From doctors to care takers and every person in between." W.K.
"I thank the RVH for just being here. I have had two occasions to need care here in the last few years and I was blessed with the care that i received. May God continue to bless the service you provide for this community" B.W.
"Our beautiful daughter was born at RVH in 2014. A special thanks to the Labour and Delivery Department. A special thanks to Dr. Scheeres and all of the amazing nurses that helped us to get our baby girl here safe and sound. We couldn't have done it without you!" B. & L. & Baby M.
"My heartfelt and sincere thanks to Dr. Browning, Dr. Pressnail, Dr. Shaver, Dr. Wood, the Oncology staff, volunteers and everyone at RVH who helped me through my cancer journey (2009-2014)." R.M.
"You gave my husband six more year's of life with myself and our family. You are one of the best. Thanks always." I.R.

"It seems strange to say that i enjoyed my time at your new and beautiful cancer centre but the medical and radiation staff treated me as a friend. I would accept further treatment with great hope." E.C.

"I have been in hospital twice this past year. Both times i was admitted very quickly and released with the problems solved after a week. THe doctors were professional and kind. The nurses were very sweet and came as soon as they were called. Thank you." M.
"I spent six months in RVH as a patient and i survived because of the care i received and because my family and I never gave up hope. Thank you." Anon. 
"My time spent at the hospital was short but i got a wonderful new knee that has given me a pain free life and more activity. Thank you to all the wonderful doctors and nurses for your care, especially Dr. Delaney!" J.D.
"My wife and I, both in our 80s have been treated several times in the past few years and were impressed by the excellent, professional and friendly treatment by all your staff. Thank you. J.R.

"A special thank you to wonderful staff members who know how to care from the heart."  B. 

"One year ago I had emergency surgery due to a blood clot in my arm. I was treated at RVH - they treated my royally. The staff, doctors, nurses -i was overwhelmed. Special thanks to the cardiovascular surgeon! This is a hospital with a heart." B.R
"To all that helped my husband get through his radiation treatments this year, we thank you so, so much. Great people!"Mrs. S.

"What wonderful service my husband and I have received at the hospital. All of your wonderful staff have been so helpful and friendly. We would especially like to thank Dr. Kasperavivius, Dr. Li, and Cindy in the chemo suite." J.S
"I am sending a donation to RVH for many reasons. I am a 1961 graduate of RVH nursing. The opportunity to learn and gain life long friends has sustained me through many events over the years. I still have relatives who seek care at RVH. Thank you."  C.S.
"My husband went to emergency in the middle of the night. In the early morning hours after an ultrasound and CT scan, he went to emergency surgery. The vascular surgeons saved his life. The Intensive Care Unit staff were fantastic to my husband and his family. The step down unit staff were equally as caring. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Anon.

"Great care, very professional, a super medical centre. What more is there to say." P.S.

"To the staff in the cancer department - they are wonderful people with smiles on their faces. I want to thank them for the wonderful care they took in my care". S.T.

"The hospital is beautiful, the volunteers are awesome, the care is wonderful!" B.B.

"In 2014 I was a cancer patient with Dr. Pressnail. I had six rounds of chemo and lots of blood work. After two surgeries, Dr. Pressnail gave me the good news that I was cancer free. I wanted to say that I was very pleased with every nurse, doctor, blood lab staff member and admissions staff. I am pleased to donate to RVH. We are very lucky to have a great hospital so close to home." B.H.

 "A Million thanks to the doctors and staff who helped me beat cancer this spring and best wishes to the patients at RVH - you are all in good hands." J.J.

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