Barrie to Ottawa for Children's Mental Health Programs at RVH!

Join Zach on his journey to raise awareness and funds for the Future Child and Youth Mental Health Inpatient Unit at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.

August-September 2017 Zach will run, walk, bike, and scooter from RVH in Barrie to Ottawa! Proceeds will go directly to the future Child and Youth Mental Health Program at RVH.

Why is Zach doing this?

• Suicide is the second leading cause of death for our youth in Simcoe Muskoka.
• 1.2 million Canadian children and youth are affected by mental illness
• Less than one-quarter of them are getting help. Intervention and help during childhood increases the likelihood of success dramatically.

Lack of support for mental illness and its tragic consequences, such as suicide, should be one of our biggest concerns TODAY. Zach wants to get our children the help they NEED.

Zach believes that what the world needs is for kids to feel safe and to grow and be creative! He wants to support his peers and friends, and know that when help is needed, help is available. Zach has felt the effects of mental illness from his family members and most notably, his mom. For Zach, the struggle is real. Bringing a Child and Youth Mental Health Program closer to home will give him the reassurance to know he made a difference in the fragile lives of many.

Zach’s route from Barrie to Ottawa!

We're pretty excited to be able to share where Zach will be and at what time - so you can come meet him for a few kms!  Please keep in mind that he has to be a bit flexible with how Zach is feeling both mentally and physically (safely first!), so they have allowed a bit of leeway in his schedule. They will update his location daily - so check back often!

Take a look at the many resorts Zach will be staying at (blue icons) - and if you're free - book a night to stay and have some fun together!

Click on the dots to learn more about each day! A BIG Thank You to all the Corporate Day Sponsors for helping Zach make his dream come true!

Please support Zach by clicking here to donate today and share his story with your family and friends!