The Dock Road Trip: Neil Peart Memorial Concert
REBOOKED to November 6, 2021 @ 7:00 PM
Meridian Centre, St. Catharines

Make your trip to St. Catharines easier and get on the Dock Road Trip bus powered by Hammond Transportation!  It’s only $30 per seat with a portion of the proceeds supporting Radio for Cardiology, helping to bring Advanced Cardiac Care to RVH. 

*Purchasing seats on the bus DOES NOT give you tickets to the concert – you must already have tickets to the show*

Radio for Cardiology Bus Trips – Bell Media Inc.


Terms and Conditions:


Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the equipment at any time. Hammond Transportation Ltd./Bell Media Inc. will not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, detours, road conditions, snowstorms, traffic congestion, or any other conditions beyond our control; and cannot guarantee the specified time of arrival or departure. If, in the opinion of the Company, conditions make it inadvisable to operate transportation service from the point of origin or any other point enroute, Hammond Transportation Ltd./Bell Media Inc. will not be liable therefore or be caused to be held for damage for any reason whatsoever. Any costs for damage to equipment or third party property, towing or any additional costs for meals, lodging and transportation will in this respect become the responsibility of the chartering party.  Where company vehicles are required to enter private property or turn around the chartering party will be responsible for ensuring that a suitable driveway and turning area that is clear of people, vehicles, obstacles and overhangs is available.   Hammond Transportation Ltd./Bell Media Inc. will not be liable for damage to third party vehicles or private property.   The driver has the right to eject or refuse transportation to any disruptive person who is abusive or poses a safety hazard to other passengers. This person will be discharged from the vehicle and Hammond Transportation Ltd./Bell Media Inc. shall be under no liability to such person. Any damage to the interior or exterior of vehicles which is caused by any member of the chartering party shall be the responsibility of the chartering party; and the cost to Hammond Transportation Ltd./Bell Media Inc. for repairs and loss of service due to such damage will be paid by the chartering party. Hammond Transportation Ltd./Bell Media Inc. will not be liable for articles which are lost or stolen during the trip. Baggage and all other property will be handled only at passenger's own risk. It is the responsibility of each passenger to have sufficient identification for travel outside of Canada. Hammond Transportation Ltd./Bell Media Inc. will not be responsible for passengers denied access to the United States or other foreign destinations; or for re-entry into Canada. Hammond Transportation Ltd./Bell Media Inc. reserves the right to substitute equipment and/or to lease equipment from other carriers in order to fulfil this agreement. We cannot guarantee the assignment of requested drivers or vehicles. The Customer or any person in the Customer's group who shows, plays or allows to be played or displays any film or video or musical or other artistic performance, warrants to and guarantees the Carrier, that the Customer or the person has the legal right to do so and that the same does not in any way infringe or constitute an offence under the Copyright Act of Canada. The Customer agrees to indemnify and save the Carrier harmless from and against any claims, prosecutions or lawsuits arising from the same. Compliance with the Copyright Act and all applicable laws is the sole responsibility of the Customer.


Need more than four bus seats or want more information?  Questions about seating?  Please call Phil Mestre at 705-720-1991 Ext. 106

**THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED ON THE BUS – bringing alcohol on the bus could ban you from future bus trips with us**

The Dock reserves the right to cancel the bus if there are not enough people registered.  Full refunds will be given should that occur.