Eric Dean, FAHP

Chief Executive Officer
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It’s hard to believe that I’ve had the privilege of raising funds for health care for nearly 30 years. 

While I’ve enjoyed seeing the impact of community support in hospitals in Toronto, Lindsay and Ottawa, I’ve called Barrie home now for over seven years and I’m so impressed with the generosity of our region. 

When I arrived in Barrie, the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre was still under construction and today we’ve seen its impact in the thousands of patients treated every year and more than 12 million kilometres of travel saved each year by having this care closer to home.  It’s so rewarding to share the impact of community support with donors who helped make this project, and others, happen.

I’m inspired by the team, both at RVH and the foundation. We are surrounded by board members, teammates and volunteers who strive each day to make life better for patients and their families.  We see extraordinary compassion and commitment in this common cause.

My wife Loraine and I are proud to be part of this community.  While our daughters are grown and thriving in their own cities, we’ve been enjoying getting to know the biking and hiking trails throughout the region and getting involved in the community.  I’m especially passionate about my involvement with the Rotary Club of Barrie and the opportunities Rotary provides to work with like-minded individuals in Rotary, Rotaract and Interact – in Barrie and throughout the area.

Lastly, I’m really honoured to work every day with people who want to create a better future for our community.  It’s a great privilege to help donors find a way to give back, to make a difference and to put their passion and values into action. 

Rebbeca Truax, MBA, CFRE
Director of Philanthropy 
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Working with donors is the best part of my role as director of philanthropy. Every day I cross paths with someone new and I’m reminded that philanthropy knows no boundaries. Our donors come from different backgrounds, different experiences – they range from 10 years old to 90 years old. I learn from each of them.  

I was inspired to join this profession because I saw the incredible difference philanthropy makes to communities. As someone with roots in rural Ontario, I understand the importance of building a strong community and people helping each other. People can build anything they want to when they’re empowered. 

RVH supporters are amazing people who energize and inspire me. Healthcare touches everyone, at some point in their lives, and in response people have made RVH a charity of choice.

Outside of the foundation, I lead an active life. I’m a passionate road cycler and enjoy a variety of other sports including yoga, circuit training, hiking, skiing and golf. My favourite musician is Billy Joel - it’s impossible not to dance when his music comes on.

My greatest achievement is my son – he’s curious, positive and kind.

Our patients are my biggest motivator, knowing everyday they’re braving something that’s often unexpected and with such grace. It is inspiring to know that our patients are supported by their community.

Donors are the centre of everything we do at the RVH Foundation. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with them and honour their generosity.


Kim Sexsmith
Senior Administrative Assistant
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I am relatively new to the RVH Foundation, and never worked in healthcare before, but it’s already exciting to be part of a team who has a passion about helping to provide the best healthcare for our community.  

You would not know it by speaking to me, but I am originally from England. In fact, I moved 13 times before I turned 18. I am now a proud Canadian and am inspired by the life I have been able to create here. I have a lot of gratitude for everything we have as Canadians and it makes me want to be generous and giving.  I am passionate about paying it forward, which is something I have also instilled in my son and daughter.

Outside of the office I’m a long-time Blue Jays fan and go to as many games as I can squeeze in. When I’m not there you’ll find me at the movie theatre, a concert, or socializing with friends.  I love to go on walks, spend time with my family and have fun with our two dogs. My husband and I love to go to Mexico and the Dominican Republic and our bucket list includes retiring somewhere warm and exotic.

One of the most rewarding experiences of my life was finding my brother who was given up for adoption as a baby. I always knew something was missing. It took seven years of searching, but finally we were reunited, and have a wonderful relationship.

I aspire to be a model of hope, positivity and resilience. It’s my own personal passion to make anyone I come into contact with, feel important, and listened to. Everyone deserves a chance to tell their story and be heard, and there are many amazing stories at RVH!

Kelly Pottage 

Community Giving Officer 
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It is a privilege to be a team member in the RVH Foundation as it allows me to help and collaborate with community members who organize events and initiatives to raise funds for exceptional patient care. I am passionate about this cause, particularly because two members of my immediate family have received life-saving services at RVH. Both incidents were sudden and unexpected and if weren’t for the incredible quality of care provided by the health care providers and the tools and technologies they have access to, either situation could have turned out very differently. Needless to say, my family is and will continue to be, very grateful to RVH. This is why fundraising to ensure the organization can continue to deliver the highest possible quality care for its patients, is important to me and very close to my heart.

My background in journalism, corporate communications and working in the fundraising department of Georgian College for over a decade, has created a pathway of experience in writing and story-telling, building relationships for the betterment of important work and causes, and the skills to stitch together and project manage the many little pieces and details that create meaningful events and projects. No two days are ever the same, and that creates exciting and rewarding work.

As one of the newer team members in the Foundation, I look forward to getting to know, thank, and work with the dedicated supporters and donors who have stood behind RVH, in many cases year after year, to help it thrive and evolve for the benefit of the community and patients.

When I’m not at work, I can be found driving my two teenagers to their activities, reading the news snuggled up with our two dogs, and once in a while, I like to hit the greens to golf with friends or my husband which is my favourite activity (although I’m a work in progress on the course). I also enjoy really good quality coffee, and have found that Café Royal in the main lobby of RVH offers a great cup of brew!

Robyn Blanchet

Fundraising Assistant
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Giving back to the community has been a long time passion for me and my family. 

I believe in helping others and am honored to be on the team here at RVH. It is important to me to always be learning and to be challenged.  As a new member with the Foundation I am looking forward to the challenge that fundraising presents, and learning from the brilliant staff and volunteers at RVH and the Foundation.

Prior to joining the RVH Foundation team I worked for 10 years with Central Ontario Broadcasting, spending the latter years of my role there as the Promotions Director.  I value the experience I gained in fostering relationships with community partners, business owners, volunteers and the radio station listeners. I also bring with me into my new role at RVH experience in building social media campaigns, event planning and a high standard for customer service.

I am lucky to be married to my best friend, we live just outside of Barrie in the beautiful township of Springwater with our two sons and our dog.  Growing up I was a competitive figure skater and now continue to live an active lifestyle.  When not taking my sons to hockey or swimming, as a family we enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. 

My proudest accomplishment are my sons who make me smile every day. 

I feel motivated by the patients here at RVH and inspired by the supporters of RVH.

I have always enjoyed the creativity and complexity that is involved with event planning and feel it is a privilege to now be a part of the team to organize events that raise funds to support patient care at RVH. 

Jennifer Harris 

Development Assistant
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Healthcare has long been a passion of mine. After working as a medical administrator in Cardiology for 20 years, I decided it was time for a change, but I wanted to remain in this field. When I applied to the RVH Foundation it was on a whim – a whim that’s turned into a fantastic opportunity.

I love getting to know the patients and donors at RVH. It’s humbling to hear their stories of care, and how they’ve been touched by the compassionate staff at RVH.

I was born and raised in Barrie and have watched this community grow over the years.  The hospital has always been there for my family and it has been a privilege to see the positive changes as it has also grown, including the recent opening of the Child & Youth Mental Health inpatient unit and the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Heart Program. 

My family, my church, and music are my strongest passions. I’m fortunate to say my two sons are my proudest accomplishment and I have been their biggest fan at all of their sports games. With a background in piano and choral singing, I also work part-time as the music director at my church. 

Patients and donors who accomplish great goals while overcoming huge obstacles motivate me. I also draw inspiration from those who prove one person can make a significant difference – like Zach Makes Tracks.

Amber McGarvey-Moreland  
Stewardship Specialist (Maternity Leave)

I believe in giving back to your community in whatever capacity you can. Volunteering is just a way of life for my family. You’ll find me volunteering anywhere I can lend a hand.

A passion for helping others has led me to a career in the non-profit sector, largely in healthcare. I’m particularly passionate about palliative care.

As Stewardship Specialist it’s exciting to assist the donors who come into the office. It’s the day-to-day donations where you get to hear the donors’ stories – those are the ones that stick with you. I always strive to help donors realize they’re making a difference, no matter the size of the gift.

It’s imperative to share what’s important to them – especially when it comes to what their donation supports in the health centre.

Born and raised in Orillia, I’m thoroughly involved in the arts and culture scene in my hometown. I love live music and everything from classical to folk to funk – especially The Beatles. In the same creative vein, I create jewellry for my line, Koi Jewellry. I also love going antiquing and bringing home vintage treasures.

Inspired by my grandfather’s passion for his community, it’s important for me to build on his legacy, and leave my community better off in some way. He was an incredible mentor and I aspire to do the same. I’m also inspired by the people around me who are positive, adventurous and motivate me to be a better person for my daughter, Coral.

I get the most satisfaction from thanking donors – having the opportunity to bring them into the hospital to see the impact of their gift. Our annual donor appreciation event is a highlight for me because we can show the impact of their support, but also inspire and showcase RVH’s exceptional employees, volunteers and physicians

Mitchell Greene
(Interim) Stewardship Specialist 
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I try to take the time to reflect on my journey in healthcare as much as I can. It has been an interesting journey that first started as a patient, but has evolved into an opportunity to work in the industry and give back for the excellent care that I received when I was younger.

When I was 17 years old, I was diagnosed with a very rare condition called a Brain Arteriovenous Malformation (Brain AVM). Less than 1% of the population will be diagnosed with a Brain AVM, and most people that suffer from this condition are at an elevated risk of suffering a stroke, permanent disability, or death. Each year, your chance of suffering from a bleed increases by 4% if it is left untreated. At 18, I had Gamma Knife Radiation at Toronto Western which aimed to cut off the blood flow in the AVM located in my brain. After 4 years of weekly checkups, dozens of MRI’s and more blood tests than I can recall, I was “cured” of the condition and now I am able to live a “somewhat” normal life. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given to continue living my life, and I believe that I have been given a chance to repay our community for the compassionate care that I received.

 Originally, I wanted to be a police officer, but due to my medical history I was unable to find success in that field. After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Canadian Studies at Trent University, I went back to school at Georgian College for Human Resources Management. I found an internship with Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in 2015 and this started my exciting journey in health care. Following the internship I had the opportunity to work as a Senior Administrative Assistant for two of the Vice-Presidents, followed by several parental leave coverages as the Learning and Development Coordinator, Privacy Coordinator, Research Manager, and now I will be covering for Amber as the Stewardship Specialist.

I am very excited to get an opportunity to work with the RVH Foundation and the amazing team they have assembled. It is an honour to get to work alongside these knowledgeable and hardworking people that have dedicated their lives to ensuring patients have the resources that they need at RVH.

Charlene Mamo

Foundation Accountant 
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