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A message from the Chair


Our community has a lot to celebrate. The Simcoe Muskoka Regional Child & Youth Mental Health Program and the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Heart Program opened at RVH.

These new programs represent the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication by RVH leadership, community engagement and donor support. Developing such programs is complex – requiring years of planning, expertise and government support. . It also requires the believers. Those people who step up to provide their support before there is a program, the physical space, or the medical team.

The believers are essential. They ignite the project through conversations, by sharing the need, by supporting and by encouraging others to support. These believers come from anywhere in our community and from every generation. The Hearts & Minds campaign was full of examples of people stepping forward.

People like thirteen year old Zach. Zach knew that child and youth inpatient services at RVH would be vital to reducing stigma and getting children help early. Zach made his way from Barrie to Ottawa, biking and bringing attention to mental health along the way. The $100,000 he raised was an amazing accomplishment but equally important were the conversations started thanks to this young believer.

There are many people who stepped forward to share their own mental health experiences and struggles. Their brave conviction helped to reduce stereotypes and misinformation – a conversation that must continue.

Many people from across Simcoe Muskoka also shared their personal stories of heart disease and the challenges caused by not having care closer to home. Family who had lost loved ones; patients who had to endure the scary ambulance trip beyond the 90 minutes of gold standard of care. From across the region people shared their experiences – telling their stories on social media and news outlets.

Out of difficulty came a fierce determination to do better. Under the banner of Hearts & Minds, the community came together to raise the $25 Million needed to for Child & Youth Mental Health, advanced cardiac care, gynecological cancer, research and education and equipment. I want to personally thank the over 5,500 people who supported Hearts & Minds under the leadership of volunteer campaign chair David McCullough.

And the needs continues. Community support of RVH is crucial to providing the latest medical innovations which directly links to the future of health care and the ability of RVH to serve our community. I am grateful for the generations who have demonstrated their support for RVH – a legacy we all rely on and need to continue.


John Byles
Chair, RVH Foundation Board of Directors
Board Members

John Byles - Chair

Doug Moody - Vice Chair

Janice Skot - RVH President & CEO

Ben Petersen - Treasurer

Michael O'Keefe - Chair, RVH Board

Janice Williams - RVH Auxiliary

Bob Burk

Dan Faber

Cesia Green

Mayor Jeff Lehman

Dr. Matthew Folwell

Jimmy Furlano

Mayor Harry Hughes

Paul Larche

David McCullough

Dale Pickard

Dan Revell

Shaun Sauve

Eric Dean, RVH Foundation CEO