Board of Directors

A message from the Chair


I am honoured to take on the role as the new Chair of the RVH Foundation. 2017 is an exciting year for the Foundation - Canada will turn 150 years old and RVH will celebrate its 120th anniversary. 

We have a long history of partnering with the people of this community  to bring exceptional healthcare to this region.

In fact, the first hospital in Barrie was funded by a determined group of local women who rallied together and raised $1,100 to purchase a four-bedroom cottage on Duckworth Street.

Each time the hospital needed to expand to meet the growing healthcare needs of our community – our community responded – time and time again!

Our 1997 move to the current Georgian Drive location was made possible through community support for the ‘Building on a Century’ campaign. Again in 2012, community support played a key role in the success of the ‘I Believe’ campaign, which doubled the size of the hospital and opened the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre.

All of this growth was made possible largely through donations from the people of this region.

A fundamental component in our fundraising efforts is the RVH Auxiliary. This team is woven into the very fabric of RVH. The Auxiliary has given millions of dollars and millions of volunteer hours to enhance patient care at RVH. We are incredibly blessed to have this group of volunteers, affectionately known as the ‘Blue Brigade’, as they are the envy among Ontario hospitals. When you see them at RVH or in the community, please take a moment and thank them! As well, volunteers on both the RVH Board and the RVH Foundation Board work to ensure that RVH is able to meet the growing needs of our region.

In 2015, David McCullough and his team of volunteers launched the ‘Hearts & Minds’ campaign in support of advanced cardiac care, child and youth mental health, women’s cancer treatment, as well as equipment, teaching and research.

We have now completed our Hearts and Minds campaign and raised $25.2 million!

As chair of the RVH Foundation Finance Committee for the past three years, it has been remarkable to see the generosity of our region. This generosity will enable these new projects to begin serving patients over the next year - bringing care closer to home for patients and families - which is welcome and wonderful news.

I am proud to follow the legacy of leadership in chairing the RVH Foundation. It is vital that we continue to support and successfully complete the ‘Hearts & Minds’ campaign so we may continue to equip our healthcare professionals with the best tools and facilities which will in turn helping them to continue their long tradition of excellent patient care at RVH.

I would like to thank all donors and future donors to the RVH Foundation for your generosity and caring. 

John Byles
Chair, RVH Foundation Board of Directors
Board Members

John Byles - Chair

Doug Moody - Vice Chair

Janice Skot - RVH President & CEO

Ben Petersen - Treasurer

Michael O'Keefe - Chair, RVH Board

Janice Williams - RVH Auxiliary

Bob Burk

Dan Faber

Cesia Green

Mayor Jeff Lehman

Dr. Matthew Folwell

Jimmy Furlano

Mayor Harry Hughes

Paul Larche

David McCullough

Dale Pickard

Dan Revell

Shaun Sauve

Eric Dean, RVH Foundation CEO