We Believed!

In early 2005, the Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation launched an ambitious campaign to raise $35 million to help fund Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s (RVH) Phase 1 Expansion. In May 2012, the new expansion officially opened with the I Believe campaign surpassing its goal and raising over $35.6 million.

With the opening of the Phase 1 Expansion, RVH added:

  • 400,000 square feet of space – doubling the size of the hospital
  • an expanded Emergency department including 7 major trauma rooms and 2 resuscitation rooms
  • an expanded Imaging department, bringing shorter wait times and better access to services
  • 101 additional inpatient beds
  • 2 new operating suites, with existing rooms being renovated, bringing the total to 10 suites
  • $70 million in advanced equipment and technology

The Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre

The Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre has allowed many patients to receive the lifesaving treatment they need, closer to home.

John McCullough was one of those patients. He knows firsthand what it’s like to be treated closer to home. Diagnosed with prostate cancer and needing radiation, McCullough says he may not have accepted treatment if he had to go to Toronto everyday. Of the cancer centre, he says, “I enjoyed coming here everyday. This place is amazing. I don’t feel as if I’m coming into a health centre at all. The equipment here is so sophisticated, the treatments so precise, and the staff are so compassionate.” A happy patient is the measure of true success.

The Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre features: 

  • 75,000 square feet
  • 3 linear accelerators for the delivery of radiation therapy
  • 34 chemotherapy spaces
  • 2 private chemotherapy spaces and an isolation room
  • Home to Canada’s first Robotic Intravenous Automation System (RIVA), which allows for safe and accurate preparation of chemotherapy treatments

The cancer centre has added a lot of space and equipment, but it has done more than that. Opening the CT Simulator has saved over 120,000 kilometers of travel, which is more than 1,800 hours! An additional 894,800 kilometers, or 13,422 hours, have been saved by opening the Radiation Bunkers. This means that patients have had more time to spend with their families, instead of on the road traveling to receive treatment. 

We could not have done this without the generous support of the community. You contributed over 33,500 individual donations from families, youth, businesses, and service clubs. You really came together as a community, and showed us that patient care and access to services close to home is important to you.

Our next project is Hearts and Minds - a campaign to raise $25 million to support five clinical priority areas: 

  • Advanced Cardiac Care
  • Child and Youth Inpatient Mental Health
  • Women's Cancer
  • Teaching and Research
  • Equipment and Technology
Please take a moment to read about each of these areas under the "Priority Needs" section of this website, and feel free to reach out to our team if you'd like more information, or are interested in supporting Hearts and Minds. 
About Us - History

The RVH Foundation was established in 1982 as a vehicle to provide funding to improve patient care – whether through the purchase of medical equipment and technology, operating programs or capital projects.

As your partner in healthcare, we appreciate your ongoing support and involvement. Ours is an extremely caring community. 

Equipment and technology is not funded by the government.  It is through the generosity of the community that RVH can purchase the best equipment to deliver safe, high-quality care. The RVH Foundation works to match the needs of our patients with the generosity of donors. We strive to ensure that funding is available to purchase advanced medical equipment and technology.

We work hard every day – without exception, to ensure that we are supporting the vision of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre – to Make each life better. Together. 
Having completed the highly successful $35 million ‘I Believe’ campaign to support RVH’s expansion, which included the opening of the Simcoe/Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre, the RVH Foundation is now excited to be working towards the delivery of the next set of clinical priorities through its follow-up campaign – Hearts and Minds.   This campaign will support clinical priorities areas including advanced cardiac care, child and youth mental health, women’s cancer, research and education.